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Currently working on

Betting/Sport Apps
Betting/Sport Apps for Paddy Power (Cayetanogaming) paddypower.com
vegan places app: Vegan Places

Simple ai bot assi

Angular and React apps... React Results

Social Media Apps (JS, jQuery)

Google Maps Capitals
Gallery with capitals. Clicking on a capital thumbnail loads google map (featured like) with correct coordinates and sets info in the marker (wikipedia's capital page in iframe)

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G+ YouTube App
Using the YouTube api, after authentication, show video/playlist with custom controls, for play, pause, volume, load, prev/next, avatar and name.

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Simple Facebook App
Using the facebook api, get and show facebook friends of a user.

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Chrome extensions

YouTube extension
YouTube extension - listen on repeat, download and convert to mp3

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Presentations and videos

Presentation - React
Presentation on Facebook's reactjs.
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Presentation - Flexbox layout mode
Presentation on flexbox.
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Video - Sublime 2 setup
Sublime Text 2 installation on Windows 7 plus package control and nodejs
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Video - Sass+Compass setup
Quick SASS and Compass Installation on Windows

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The Official Personal Blog
My personal blog/old portfolio website.
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Vegan Blog
Non-commercial project that aim to spread the idea of veganism (in Bulgarian)
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WordPress custom theme/blog
WordPress theme with custom post types, queries, comments, theme options, custom widget etc., created from scratch by given design (html + css + js).
Brief Documentation

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Javascript Simple Projects

Simple easy Tic Tac Toe
HTML5 simple tic tac toe game (easy level). javaScript, jQuery, score saved with localStorage.
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Simple jQuery Slider
HTML5 jQuery, html containers slider.
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Simple Tag Cloud
Simple HTML5 tag cloud generator.
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jQuery plugin - Treeview
Simple javaScript/jQuery plugin - treeview creater.

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Old but gold

KBM (flash)
Custom design flash web site.
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Old portfolio - 2008 (flash)
Custom design flash web site. Click on leavs!
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More websites

External link to the web portfolio in bobbykolev.com

php Projects

Patients Archive (Laravel 4)
Admin-archive of patients (files). Add, edit, delete patients and procedures with image upload. Search-autocomplete, works with name or phone. Credentials needed:
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Books Catalogue
Registerd users can add books and authors. Search by book or autor. Registered users can leave comments on book page...
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Simple Auction
Logged User can add auction, everyone can see the auctions, search by title...
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File upload and host
User can upload files. Files can be listed. Click on file initiating downloading.
Expenses list
Create expenses, list all expenses with future date, filter by category.
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Team Projects - JS, AngularJS, C# ASP.NET, PHP

Store App
jQuery + jQueryUI + OOP JS, online grocery store application with accordion, price range slider, localStorage cart and more.
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mWeather NASA Challenge TelerikedIn (ASP.NET MVC, KendoUI)
ASP.NET MVC and KendoUI web app with custom design and LinkedIn like functionality of endorsements and connections. Registration needed.
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Places (KendoUI and AngularJS)
'Places' web app project with public interface - KendoUI and admin section - AngularJS. ASP.NET MVC + MS SQL for the backend.
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