JavaScript working with DOM – Demos

Six problems, solved only with pure javascript. Creating, appending, removing, animating elements, nodes and styles. Random generated numbers, styles and colors.

01.Write a script that creates a number of div elements.Each div element must have the following

02.Write a script that creates 5 div elements and moves them in circular path with interval of 100 milliseconds.

03.Write a script that shims querySelector and querySelectorAll in older browsers

04.Create a text area and two inputs with type=”color”

  • Make the font color of the text area as the value of the first color input
  • Make the background color of the text area as the value of the second input

05.Create a tag cloud:

  • Visualize a string of tags (strings) in a given container
  • By given minFontSize and maxFontSize, generate the tags with different font-size, depending on the number of occurrences

06.*Create a TreeView component