Sublime Text 2 Installation On Windows 7 Plus Package Control And Node.js

In this video you can see how to install Sublime text 2 on Windows 7. In addition I’ll show you how to add extensions (packages) directly from the interface with the help of “Package control”, how to add option to the windows context menu “Open folder as Sublime project”, and how to install and integrate node.js which can build javaScript code and show log massages in the Sublime’s console.

Download Sublime text 2

Download and install package control for sublime

Sublime text 2 context menu windows

Download Node.js

Snippet for node.js (build system) –

(save it as javascript.sublime-build)

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Free Course On “SASS” – Code School

You can access seven videos and make exercises on every topic. It’s completely free, all you need to do is registration.

I assembled one full video for your convenience (you don’t have to do the exercises to unlock the next one).

watch video in dropbox
download video
download Slides (PDF)


1: FOUNDATION (0:00 – 10:15 min)

2: VARIABLE (10:15 – 15:28 min)

3: MIXIN (15:28 – 24:25 min)

4: EXTEND (24:25 – 28:12 min)

5: DIRECTIVE (28:12 – 37:54 min)

6: MATH + COLOR (37:54 – 44:18 min)

7: RESPONSIVE (44:18 – 50:25 min)

Link to the course

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