Create Custom Chrome Themes

With chrome theme creator you can create your own chrome themes in a few easy steps. Just find an image that you want for the background of the theme, go to the theme creator, upload it and click on Pack -> ‘Pack and Install’. In a few seconds, you’ll get your theme installed.


You have additional options under image and color, you can customize almost all parts of chrome.
If you create an account you can create and publish multiple themes which will be available for further editing if needed.

You can get backgrounds from here:
Browse themes here:
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Free Course On “SASS” – Code School

You can access seven videos and make exercises on every topic. It’s completely free, all you need to do is registration.

I assembled one full video for your convenience (you don’t have to do the exercises to unlock the next one).

watch video in dropbox
download video
download Slides (PDF)


1: FOUNDATION (0:00 – 10:15 min)

2: VARIABLE (10:15 – 15:28 min)

3: MIXIN (15:28 – 24:25 min)

4: EXTEND (24:25 – 28:12 min)

5: DIRECTIVE (28:12 – 37:54 min)

6: MATH + COLOR (37:54 – 44:18 min)

7: RESPONSIVE (44:18 – 50:25 min)

Link to the course

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